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Atelier Volpe

Atelier Volpe is an opulent label that focuses on creating statement apparel to inspire confidence for women.

The label radiates poise through elaborate, international inspired designs with an emphasis on modern culture.

"Our mission is for our clients to feel bold, powerful and sexy, sophisticated and gorgeous no matter which garment they choose from the Volpe collection. Fashion is a language of its own kind, and Atelier Volpe thrives on unveiling a woman's self-confidence, capabilities and her potential through compliments of well tailored, eye catching designs that speak for themselves. The garments you wear should positively alter your state of mind, that ultimately contributes towards a community of empowered women." Says Alyssa-CEO & Creative Director of the luxury brand.

After an upbringing of an apparent and committed life-long passion for fine-quality design, Alyssa Volpe is most grateful for her team as well as the fire that never suppresses her to continue to create. All of which brought her to achieve the dream and bring Atelier Volpe to life.  

"I love a confident smile on a woman!"

-Alyssa Volpe


KEJEO (Ké-Jé-O) is derived from "nou kéjéo-a" in the “Mina” language from Benin and Togo in West Africa which means something that looks beautiful on you.

I was born and raised in Benin (West Africa) and I created my brand at the end of 2016 because of my love for fashion and my strong desire to turn vibrant African textiles into styles that could be easily adapted in the western world.

Regardless of your shape, size or color, my goal at Kejeo Designs is to provide you and your loved ones with apparels that will fit your personality, allow you to express yourself in a very unique way, and most importantly make you feel proud of the African culture.

All clothes and accessories are made with various type of premium African print fabrics, from African Wax also known as Ankara, to Bogolan also known as Mud Cloth.

I hope you enjoy your experience here!



Frockful of Funk.jpg

Frockful of Funk
Karen Thorn was born in Toronto, Ontario, At the age of four Karen was already a knitter, intrigued by unusual colour combinations and a desire to push the boundaries of “normal”.
Karen’s early influences were Elizabeth Zimmermann (b. Aug 9, 1910 – November 30, 1999) and Meg Swansen, her daughter. Brilliant knitters both technically and innovatively, Elizabeth and Meg pushed the boundaries of form, and pattern in knitted textiles. Karen was fascinated by their use of colour and patterning.
Growing up, Karen was never satisfied with “off the rack” clothing, as her mother dressed her in custom made clothes from a very early age. It seemed unusual to have mass duplication when you could have fashions that fit your own personal style. Consequently, Karen’s main focus in textile exploration produces niche fibre ensembles that challenge the status quo of expression in fashion and home decor.
Karen studied at the Haliburton School of Art and Design, receiving a Certificate in Fibre Arts in 2016 and previously at Sheridan College, majoring in Fashion Technique and Design - Knit (1989). She is currently on the faculty at HSAD for Basic Construction in the Fibre Arts Certificate Program.
Karen’s fibre talents include knitting, crochet, weaving, wet/dry felting, pattern design, textile dying, painting, and sewing. A published knitwear designer and past yarn shop/design studio owner, Karen’s artistic focus presently is fantastical themes that mix mediums, colour and textures.

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